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Due to my increasing ME activism, I launched ME & Me in February 2021 for local ME sufferers to access information, articles and support all in one place.

Within four weeks ME & Me was visited by thousands of people from over 25 countries, proving that more information and support is desperately needed for people affected by the disease.

Since organising Leeds first ever Millions Missing protest in 2019 I’ve become part of The #MEAction Network UK and MEAction Scotland teams, also working closely alongside Leeds ME Network.

ME activism is a huge part of my life, as I’d like not only to fight for better health equality and treatments for other sufferers but also for my own future.

NICE estimates that ME effects around 250,000 people in the UK, implying that up to 1 in 250 people are affected by the disease. This means there could be around 7,500 people with ME in Leeds. 

Click here to read more about my personal story of living with ME.

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