Leeds teeanger hospitalised with ME is raising funds to return home

Ella Copley, 17, from Leeds, was diagnosed with severe ME when she was 11 years old. Fast forward to 2022 and Ella has been bedridden in Leeds General Infirmary for the past 12 weeks.

Over recent years Ella’s health has spiralled, she has suffered multiple urine infections and is now fed by tpn via a central line, she’s also recieved a further diagnosis of postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) and has not been able to attend school for three years. Despite this Ella achieved great GCSE results and is now studying towards her A levels. Her strength and determination is evident through her social media posts.

Before falling ill iwth ME Ella enjoyed an active life style like most children.
Ella’s mother Joanne spends over ten hours a a day in hospital with her.
Ella’s health has deteriated since her ME diagnosis when she was 11 years old.

Ella is supported by her family and recently they ensured her 17th birthday was special by starting an appeal to get birthday cards to brighten her day. They recieved a huge 1,297 cards which filled Ella’s hospital room.

Now Ella’s family are asking for help as they are trying to raise £25,000 to fund the treatments that Ella so desperately needs and to make their home safe and suitable for her return.

Ella’s mother Joanne said:

“The future feels very uncertain right now but i know i cant do it alone. The downstairs of the house will need to be altered to take her new non mobile condition. We struggled so much before this. Sterile areas, extension for downstairs wet room, change dining room into bedroom, equipment, rewiring and extra plug sockets etc, so many things are on the list but the most important and first on the list is getting a diagnosis and seeing experts that can deal with all her conditions, or at least the most disabling ones that are shutting her body down.

 I am at the hospital for at least 11hrs a day 7 days a week so will need people to do the work as i also have a chronic spinal condition and am struggling beyond words, the costs of 10 weeks in hospital have already gone through the roof and stressing us but thats nothing compared to what my daughter is going through. Our family has already fought through the death of my mum, 2 cancer diagnosis’s & a pulmonary Embolism to name a few in the last 3 years alone and then everything that has happened to Ella on top. Please help us to carry on fighting for answers, make the changes and meet the cost of everything needed along the way so i can hopefully bring my beautiful girl home before Christmas. We are strong warriors but even they need a helping hand from time to time.”

You can read more about Ella’s story and donate here.

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