The health secretary’s pledge on World ME Day offers hope to people with ME

Sajid Javid has committed to leading a radical new approach to ME, in a move that makes the government a world leader in the fight against ME.

The health secretary marked World ME Day (12th May) by making his pledge on parliment. Javid claimed he was: “committed to better care and support for people living with ME and their families.”

He said: “At the heart of the delivery plan will be two core principles; firstly, that we do not know enough about ME/CFS, which must change if we are to improve experiences and outcomes. Secondly, we must trust and listen to those with lived experience of ME/CFS.”

Javid plans to lead the way towards better patient care and new research into the condition. He’ll be working alongside Professor Lucy Chappell, chief scientific adviser, and is already liasing with the Scottish government, according to The Times.

He has endorsed a report setting out ten key areas, ranging from developing a diagnostic test and whether there is a direct link to with Long COVID.

“The government recognised that ME is an under-researched area and pledges to support research funders and the academic community to respond to this independent report. It is so important that the voice of those with lived experience of ME and those that represent them is at the heart of all future work to improve the lives of people living with this debilitating illness”.

– Sajid Javid.

Javid is the first senior government minister to speak about the condition after watching a close relative suffer with ME.

You can read Javid’s full statement and pledges here.

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