Bradford launches new support group for people with ME

A support group in Bradford is taking off with the help of Well Together Services.

Paul Beasant, Dawn Wright and Adele Barker formed the group, Bradford Friends with ME/CFS, to offer a local hub of support and information for those who’s lives have been affected by the disease.

Currently there are no other similar services in the Bradford area.

The founding members said:

“ME/CFS often leaves people feeling isolated and alone, so we aim to bridge this gap and provide support and acceptance. We also want to broaden our knowledge of ME/CFS, create links with other groups and networks and begin a virtual group to support those who can’t attend our face to face group.”

We hope that we can help to give people an outlet for their condition, sharing ideas, supporting each other and letting everyone know that they are not alone, they are not missing and they are still valued. ME/CFS affects not only the individual with the condition but all those around them, a support group in which family and friends of those affected can also be included, supported and educated. We already have our first new member and another joining this month. We hope that others will want to join us too.”

– Bradford Friends with ME/CFS

If you’d like to get involved or speak to either Paul, Dawn or Adele you can get in touch via Well Together Services. Please email Bradford Friends with ME/CFS recommends that you can register with the group through self referral or the NHS.

You can also join Bradford Friends with ME/CFS every fourth Monday evening at Windhill Community Centre for a cuppa and a chat.

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