Leeds ME Network finally reunites after 18 months

After 18 months Leeds ME Network finally reunited for the return of their face-to-face support meetings.

Leeds ME Network at Meanwood Park Cafe on 21/09/21

Tuesday 21st September marked the return of the local group’s in person meetings. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began the group has been holding their monthly meetings on Zoom to keep everyone safe.

Leeds ME Network’s meetings offers a safe space for people with ME and their families and friends. A place where people can share their experiences, find comfort from others who are going through the same things and seek advice.

As each person arrivied at Meanwood Park Cafe they all shared how excited they were to finally reunite with others within the commuinity. COVID-19 poses an increased risk to those with ME which has forced most to make the difficult decision to shield during lockdowns – for many this meeting was their only social interaction of the week.

Chris Oy, who co-founded Leeds ME Network with her husband Simon feels the event was a great success.

“It was absolutely fantastic to be able to meet up in person again especially after having Zoom sessions which provide contact but are a poor substitute for sitting together with people and chatting in the flesh. Meanwood Park Cafe was an excellent venue in many ways to kick off the “in person” meet ups again!”

– Chris Oy
Leeds ME Network was set up in 2012 by founders Chris (left) and Simon (right).

Throughout the pandemic crisis Leeds ME Network has hosted monthly Zoom meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30PM. Their Zoom meetings are set to continue and if you’d like to be included please contact the group here.

Leeds ME Network hopes to continue with face-to-face meetings for aslong as it is deemed safe to do so and the weather allows.

If you’d like to recieve updates from Leeds ME Network you can sign up to be kept in the loop here.

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