‘Blue Sunday’ 2021 raises over £20,000 for ME charities

This year’s ‘Blue Sunday’ was a huge success and raised more than 2013-2020 combined! The event raised a whopping £21,232.07. The grand total raised between 2013 and 2021 stands at over £40,000.

The ‘Blue Sunday’ Tea Party for ME idea was born in 2012 by Anna, 32 when she was at her poorliest. You can read more about the ‘Blue Sunday’ and Anna here.

“I feel really proud of myself to be honest. I worked harder on it all this year, not least because my health isn’t as ‘good’ as it was last year, and it’s really paid off. Blue Sunday reached more people than ever before and hopefully made them feel like they were a part of something and that they are not forgotten. It felt like a gamble to reach out to so many charities and I really wasn’t sure how well received it’ll all be but the response and support has been outstanding. I feel passionate about our community and am so glad I could give back to the charities and to people with M.E like this.”

Anna, organiser of ‘Blue Sunday’.

The response this year has been incredible and Anna doesn’t plan on stopping there, she cannot imagine a time when she won’t want to host ‘Blue Sunday’, despite the unavoidable Post Exertional Malaise.

“I think I’ll just keep going as I have been. I don’t want to stray too far what makes the Tea Party For M.E special.

I want it to always be, first and foremost, a day for people for M.E to feel a part of something.

Other than Blue Sunday preparation (which usually start in January) I have my three guinea pigs to keep me busy and am in the process of finding a new Personal Assistant/Home Help which will be a huge help again after my wonder PA moved on to pastures new.

Anna, organiser of ‘Blue Sunday’.

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