The Yorkshire Evening Post features ME & Me website launch

A huge thank you to The Yorkshire Evening Post for featuring ME & Me as one of their top stories today.

Due to my increasing ME activism, I launched ME & Me in February (2021) for local ME sufferers to access information, articles and support all in one place.

You can check out The YEP’s article here.

“Charlie Wainwright, 24, who was diagnosed with ME at the age of 11. She has now set up a website to help others in Leeds with the condition.

That’s because, she says, for a long time, myalgic encephalomyelitis – or ME – has carried it with it the “dumb stigma” of being “all in your head”.

This is something she is determined to tackle, along with fighting for better health equality and treatments for other sufferers and for her own future.

In 2019, her activism saw her organise the first Leeds protest as part of the global #MillionsMissing movement, to raise awareness of the plight of those with ME.

And now she has launched her own website she hopes will act as a much-needed base for people in Leeds and Yorkshire with ME.”

By Joanna Wardill

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